Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks..
Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

High Quality Stainless Steel : Corrosion free sinks made from world class Salem Stainless Steel.
Soundless Experience : Reduced resonance of utensils to give a soundless experience.
Quality Certification : Manufactured by an ISO 9001: 2008 certified organisation. The organisation has the biggest infrastructure operations in function.
Product Code List
Product Code Overall Size Bowl Size
In Inches In MM In Inches In MM
IM SNK55 32*20*7*DB 812*457*177 16*14 406*355
IM SNK56 32*20*8*DB 812*457*203 16*14 406*355
IM SNK57 37*18*7*DB 939*457*177 16*14 406*355
IM SNK58 37*18*8*DB 939*457*203 16*14 406*355
IM SNK59 45*20*7*DB 1143*508*177 20*16 508*406
IM SNK60 45*20*8*DB 1143*508*203 20*16 508*406
IM SNK61 45*20*9*DB 1143*508*228 20*16 508*406
IM SNK62 45*20*10*DB 1143*508*254 20*16 508*406
Salient Features

Easy Wipe Surface

A soft wipe or cloth are enough to clean a ImagineTM Sink with soap and water. You do not need to scrub hard or use stong expensive detergents.
Scratch Protection Pre-coated sinks to give a scratch less installation.
Easy Drainage Facilitate easy drainage.
Mirror Polishing Imagine sinks are mirror polished to brighten your kitchen.
Thickness Manufactured with 1 MM Thickness.
Wide Range Available in wide range of sizes and models.
Team Making Sinks boasts to have an average industry experience of 30 years.
Optional Feature Ask for ceramic coating.
Warranty Comes with lifetime warranty.
Product Category
Visible Features
Matt Finish
Specially polished for
a rich and classy look
Gloss Finish
Mirror like super
finish surface
Different Edges Chock “N” Strain